Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bravo ! to The Countess of Courage

    While the new star of the E network (+Entertainment Tonight) and +I Am Cait , Caitlin Jenner, was receiving +ESPN's Arthur Ashe Courage Award in L.A., an award of no less importance but far less publicized was being bestowed on and named after another member of Reality TV royalty in Paris......An Espy a la franciase, if you will.

     Countess Luann de Lessups humbly & eloquently accepted the French Actors Klan in Entertainment( or FAKE) inaugural Person of Courage Award. This award, to be nicknamed the Lessupy, will be presented annually to a person in the reality TV entertainment community who personifies class & dignity in the face of adversity.

The Countess, prior to the award show,
looking as Chic as Ms. Jenner

      Like Ms. Jenner, The Countess has had to deal with gender issues of her own publicly for years. The Countess has endured joking and bullying by her fellow +Bravo Real Housewives of New York since joining the show both on air and in the press. Countless times she has been callously referred to as "Lu Mann". She has been snickered about for her husky, deep voice and her taller, bigger-boned frame. One recent episode, Ms. Frankel described her as "larger than life"- built;  and, as The Countess' legs were infringing on a fashion runway, Frankel proclaimed, "Wow! That's one big b**ch!"

     When cast mates snidely and repeatedly compare The Countess to a drag queen, she finds it's best to brush them off  saying, "If I didn't love drag queens so much, I'd be offended!"  Maybe the other women need to steal a page from her Girl Code!

Fabulous & feminine in every single way,
The Countess loves a good cabaret!
     Even +WWHL ® host, +Andy Cohen  has been guilty of poking fun at her expense.  On a recent show, he had his guests from the movie +Trainwreck reenact one of this season's most talked about moments that happened in  the +Turks and Caicos Resorts . Mr. Cohen promptly assigned the role of Luann to a man, director Judd Apatow.

   Always a lady, The Countess, while looking down at the other "housewives", has held her head high and remained confident and cool. "C'est la vie!" 
So, Bravo,  Ms. de Lessups, bravo, because The Countess is Back!
And I hope the rumors of a RHONY spin off  I am Countess  are true!!
** Is Ms. Jenner's fashion muse, The Countess, or
is Cait just a really big RHONY Fan? **
                                The Countess, circa 2010        and      Cait Jenner, circa2015                                  
                        "Money Can't Buy you Class" video                    Vanity Fair                                                

 Blogger Bonus Bragging Points for me for not using The Countess' over-quoted-to-death catchphrase,     "Be Cool. Don't be all, like, uncool!in this post .......oopsies