Sunday, July 19, 2015

MegamindLess: The Bachelor Bad Boy

       "All men must choose between two paths. Good  is the path of honor, heroism, and nobility.

                                    Evil......well, it's just cooler."


         Nick Viall's nomination for the next Bachelor endorsed by:


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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Is this Fur-real?

Pittsburgh...get your DVR's ready!! +Discovery TV Channel will debut a new, groundbreaking series filmed in Pittsburgh called Furry Week. This extraordinary television event will piggy back  Discovery Channel's annual ratings extravaganza, Shark Week, July 9-11.

Humans have long harbored both fear and curiosity towards the Furries because so little is known about these creatures and their behavior. Furry Week will aim to raise awareness and respect for the Furries through both real and fictional programming. Conservationists hope that this will be a platform to educate the public and change the perception of the Furries worldwide.


Viewers will be able to follow & interact with their favorite Furries via social media.. Harry the Fox (@HarrytheFox) already has 100 followers on +Twitter !

Furry Week TV Schedule (dates & times to be announced):

        * Documentaries:                                                                               
                                Beneath the Fur: Fursonas Revealed   
                                Pause Before Paws: How to Handle a Furry Encounter
                                Furries Among Us:  Anthroconology
                               Tail Tales (Furry encounter reenactments & victim interviews)
                               Primal Fur (Andy Casagrande dons a fur suit to study Furry behavior up close)
                               Megalodog: The Fast & Furriest

                                        AnthroConAir   Starring Nic Cage as a Furry on a high-jacked plane who turns hero

                                        The Fox and The Hound  A light hearted comedy that follows the escapades of 2 Furries on a cross country road trip
        *Furries After Dark:     A live, late night talk show that will feature all things Furry-related, celebrity guests, and highlights. +Pittsburgh Penguins Marc Andre Fleury has been promoted as being the first guest host. The Penguins goalie has pledged  to drop the "L" from his jersey for the upcoming season in support of the Furries. Special appearances by Pittsburgh's favorite Furries, +Pittsburgh Pirates' Parrot and Iceburgh of the +Pittsburgh Penguins.

For more furry fun, check out trivia game.  Test your furry smarts & challenge your fur-iends!!

                                  *Don't miss out on this!!


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Monday, July 6, 2015

MegamindLess: The Bachelorette Finale Preview

 The preview can be found on +YouTube :
or at the following blog post link:

Megamind:  Nick Viall
The notorious Bachelorette series super villian
  who shamelessly returns to battle for love
Metro Man:  Shawn Booth
The Superhero who may not be as unflappable as his hair
in the face of adversity
Roxanne:  Kaitlyn Bristowe
The quick-witted Bachelorette who doesn't always
  look before she leaps on her quest for forever love



                                 Chris Harrison as Minion

                                      ABC's loyal henchman who defends the honor of women
                               along with the integrity of the show


  An epic tale of
 (trying too hard to look)

               one woman's emotional journey to choose the right guy.


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The Bachelorette Finale 2015 : MegamindLess promo

Check out my blog post: The Bachelorette Finale Preview: MegamindLess  at the following link:

*The Bachelorette/Megamind parody created by me/

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