Friday, April 3, 2015

Mark Madness 2015

3/15/2015 Wow! It's hard to believe it's been a year and it's time to start another Mark Madness Tournament! As usual, the selection committee had a difficult time paring down the field of deserving Marks to only 16. I believe this bracket is as good as any we've had in recent years. The  controversy just adds to the fun!
      Rumor has it that there was much heated debate between the committee members, as they are extremely sensitive to criticism. Many outsiders were left scratching their heads at the perceived snubs of perennial powerhouses like Mark Twain and Marco Polo. While there were a handful of Marks on the bubble, Denmark was the one that passed the "eye test". The committee revealed that Denmark had "gained steam" by being featured on several +Bravo ! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' episodes toward the end of its season.  There also were rumblings from Mark Sanchez and the Marquis de Sade who told reporters that they couldn't figure out how Skid Mark got in there. 
     Check back for results & highlights......
                                        On your Mark, get set, let's go!!
3/27/15 So much excitement in the first round to get us to the Elite 8! While  the two top seeds sailed through the first round, there were some notable upsets and matchups.
     *No one saw ?  knocking off  3 seed, Mark Zuckerberg! Following the win, #whois?? was trending on Twitter. Also, check out  ?'s +Instagram for sweet game pics. 
     *Howard Stern Whack Packer, Mark the Bagger, dealt a big blow to Marco Rubio, whose support of Indiana's "religious freedom" law probably didn't help his cause.
     *In a surprise win, self-proclaimed "Super Genius", +105.9 The X, Mark Madden put a big X on J Lo's ex, Mark Anthony's chance to advance. 
     *It was sad to see +Pittsburgh Penguins  +Marc Andre Fleury , The Flower, get shut out, but +Marc Jacobs spring collection was just too strong this year.
    *In what seemed like a rerun of last year's tourney, +Greys Anatomy's Mark Sloan canceled Saved By the Bell's MPG's comeback attempt. 
     * Although some questioned his inclusion, +Episodes'  Merc was more than ready for +Showtime by striking down retail giant, Neiman Marcus.
3/30/15 The road to The Final 4 has been a whirlwind!
        *1 seed Marky Mark was feeling good vibrations after a hot contest & win over McSteamy.
        *2 seed +Mark Cuban  wrestled away a spot in the Final Four from Mark Madden in a tough Pittsburgh boys' grudge match.
        *Cinderella story, Mark the Bagger, punctuated his victory over ?  with a high pitched shout of "Baba Booey!" 
        *Funny trumps fashion. Merc continues to be merciless on his quest for the title.
4/04/15 THE FINAL HAS BEEN SET!! And what an exciting final it is going to be, #2 Mark Cuban vs #12 Merc Lapidus.
         *+Shark Tank 's Mark Cuban ripped apart Mark the Bagger's miraculous season.
         *Even with the strength of 2 names, Marky Mark could not handle dark horse, Merc.
4/06/15  Mark claims the crown!! In a thrilling title contest which began as a tight match, Mark Cuban proved to be unstoppable in the end. Merc put up a tough fight, but Mark was on a mission to avenge his first round loss last year to eventual winner & "Lone Survivor", +Marcus Luttrell .  The +Dallas Mavericks owner made sure he was this year's Top Gun & put an exclamation mark on his victory!        
   Wow! What a journey to the final of the 2015 tourney. Don't forget to mark your calendars for '16!
                                                  Congratulations, Mark!!
Twitter pic @mcuban after his big win