Friday, March 20, 2015

we crossed the thin blue line (grille)

I strongly recommend, no, demand a new name for
Mr.Lemieux's signature drink. Really?
That's the best you could do?  Have you seen
the statue across the street?  Gee whiz .. Hit me up
ASAP& I'll help you ....please...seriously...... 
       I had 2 tix for the +Pittsburgh Penguins game, but it was, like, a million below zero out. Because my spirit animal/cousin had never been to a NHL game, we decided to go. We would ride out the Siberian Express on Malkin's Moscow Mule train, courtesy of +Blue Line Grille, along with some of their thin-girl friendly food before heading to the arena.

     As we drove across the Birmingham Bridge, it felt more like we were heading toward the Artic Circle via the Frozen Tundra Belt than to the +CONSOL Energy Center. There wasn't a snowball's chance in h*ll that we were walking from the 4th Ave garage (that I have a parking pass for). Instead, we scored a sweet spot only a few blocks away......ok, there may have been a yellow line but who's handing out parking tickets in subZ temps?

     We were 2 hours early for the game but too late for a table (1+hr wait) ( & this place is huge with 2 floors & 2nd floor deck weather permitting) or a bar seat. Once folks get their butts in a chair here, they stay put until they are ready to go to the game. *Note to self: next time just get here 30-45mins before game (or Consol event).

Wonder if it tasted as good as it looked?
      The multiple layers of clothing, the standing room only crowd  & the triple M's on empty stomachs were making us delirious & desperate. We spied a pizza just delivered to a guy at the bar near us. I leaned in close... " How's the pizza?" I not so innocently asked him. "Not bad...wanna try it? " he responded, as he tore off a hot slice for me. Unfortunately, his female companion swooped in & nosh blocked me.  Without saying a word, she let us both know we were crossing the line. I stepped off and we scurried around the 4-sided bar to hide. We ducked behind two, big guys on bar stools who provided us ample coverage. one of the big guys noticed us....our immature giggling noises giving us away.  I was formulating a witty rejection line, when I heard him say, "Do you girls want our seats? We're leaving." "Yes!!" we cheered in unison!! He then handed the bartender 20 bucks and instructed her to get us a drink. We exchanged a few pleasantries with them, as we plopped our lil' butts on the stools. Gosh, how we love those two big lugs!

    We needed food ASAP. We ordered food ASAP. " One Ahi Tuna Tower, one Jumbo Lump Crab Appetizer, two of the Grilled Asparagus Appetizers and two sides of the Wild Mushroom Saute."

     ...say What!?  "You have to see if there is any more asparagus?" ...... "They are taking it off the menu?"  Nooooooooo!

    Only one plate of  'sparagus arrived with our other food.  Blinking back tears and scrapping off the shaved parm, we savored the 7 final spears.  Then we methodically knocked down the tasty tuna tower with our forks( skipping the wontons) and scarfed up the bowls of mushrooms and onions lickety-split (such a unique side... Please don't cross these off the menu, too!). Sadly, on this visit, there was about as much crab in my cake as there was in my Crabbie.

Fishing for crab

Yeah! We finally caught a crab!

        The score was tied, but we were getting antsy.  We bolted after the 2nd period. The wind chill made it too painful to talk to each other, but we were both thinking how eerily deserted it was on Fifth Ave.  We passed the Blue Line, which also was deserted, and turned left up the block. And that's when we spotted the only thing that would take pleasure wandering about in this frigid, brutal weather. It lumbered up the hill...tall, thick and covered in fur. Its back hunched as It paused by the Rabbit....It was a Yeti!! We stood frozen in disbelief, until It trudged away onto Forbes. We ran to the poor, helpless Rabbit that had just been maimed .....with a parking ticket.

  *The answer to my question in paragraph 2:   The Parking Authority Yeti.


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