Wednesday, March 4, 2015

a tall tale of 2 Controversy's: Ch. 1 The Plan

     Disclaimer: What you are about to read is based on a true story; however, due to multiple & paranoid interpretations of events, vague & distorted memories, and rumors, the documentation of events may not be accurate. The identities of those involved shall remain confidential. 

                      Chapter 1:  The Plan

     It was the best of times. It was a Friday. It was a text from the A Team.  It was a happy surprise to Them that the A Team had just landed in Pittsburgh a day earlier than planned. It sparked a flurry of texts between the A's and Them.   

 It was the worst of  times. IxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxIxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxplan killer.
 xxxxxxxxxxxxx planned for a date night.

The A Team planned for their own Team building fun by exploring Pittsburgh after dark. Their itinerary included a trip to one of the most notorious Pittsburgh Halloween attractions, The Basement at Scare House.

    The plan was set. Bxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxthe Steel Cactus, South Side, to get a table. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The A's had a 9pm reservation at Scare House. Another One of Them would drive One of Them home.

    It was a good plan. The plan was set in motion...until,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx make the plan work?
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx requiring a change in plans.

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx kill the plan.

    It was evening. Although he hadn't planned for this, Dad of One of Them didn't want One standing in the bar by One's self alone and defenseless against predatory males. So, Two of Them decided to stay for awhile. Three of Them ordered drinks and waited for the table and the arrival of the A Team.

    The door to the Steel Cactus swung open with a loud thud. The bar went silent. The 3 well groomed & well dressed members of the A Team sauntered in. Three of Them cheered. There were hugs. There were kisses. More drinks were ordered. Another One of Them arrived soon after.

  Meanwhile,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx too noisy at the bar. Plans were beginning to unravel.

Coming soon:  Chapter 2:  The Meal  ( +Steel Cactus Mexican Restaurant and Cantina 


*Apologies to my readers. Due to some silly, possible slanderish stuff, I can't completely post this blog until matters are resolved. Thanks for your understanding :)