Wednesday, March 5, 2014

not now, I've got a Fat Head-ache

      Fat Tuesday...... 7pm with +Fat Heads Brewery & Saloon or 10pm with Mario's, South Side? I always have a good time with these two and I didn't want to hurt feelings by choosing one over the other. Neither one of them needed to know about the other, right? That little devil on my shoulder nudged me to do it. So, I double-booked myself for Mardi Gras.
     When the hostess told us the wait would be "at least an hour", A Smart Head as well as a Fat Head, by using the  +NoWait App, we were able to stroll around Carson while keeping tabs on our table wait.
      While I tend to avoid all things "fat", I decided to indulge a little bit as my last hurrah! before Lent.

Pedro's Nachos(made with homemade potato chips)
and The Deluxe Veggie Burger(topped with sautéed
Portobello, roasted red peppers, spicy onion rings, goat
 cheese, and chipotle-mayo)
     Fat Heads was leading me down a greasy, caloric-laced path of celebration...borderline gluttony for me... so irresistibly good yet bad at the same time. Fortunately, my IPhone shook me out of  his spell. It was 9:45pm and Mario's was waiting for me.
     As I left Fat Heads behind, my consumption of over-sized portions of yummy food had my tummy aching. I had no other choice but to bail last minute on Mario's. It was an awkward & uncomfortable exchange of texts....causing me to have a social malady as well.
     Under the weather and under the covers, I was consoled by the thought of the beginning of the Lenten season and to a much needed fast. My penitence will be giving up double-sized portions and double-stacking dates.  
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