Friday, March 7, 2014

For Pete's sake, don't say that!

Oh, Andy! I'm not a yinzer!!
     I guess that's why it's called "Watch What Happens Live"( +Bravo ) because something horrible happened when I was watching it live. +Pete Wentz, from the band, +Fall Out Boy, was the guest and he was asked a question from a caller from Pittsburgh. Cool, right?...... Wrong! Mr.Wentz prefaced his answer by saying something like, "How yinz doing?" Then explaining to a puzzled +Andy Cohen, the host of the show, that it is a Pittsburgh "colloquialism".

    Maybe Mr. Cohen was perplexed that Mr. Wentz used such a big word (that means a "local or regional expression" "used in everyday, informal speech"). Or my worst nightmare, maybe +Andy Cohen was dumbfounded by the possible existence of a people that would use such a word.

    Why would this dude, Wentz, originally from Illinois now living in LA, perpetuate grammatical profiling of our fair city & light us all up as "yinzers" to the cool, hip world of +Bravo watchers? Is this what Mr. Cohen is going to think of me when I am a guest on his show someday? In his segment called "Teach Me Your Talent!", will he ask me to teach him to speak "yinzer"?

     For the record, Pete, my family & I are Pittsburghers, born & raised. I live on the South Side. And I can swear to you that we never, ever use the word "yinz" in our everyday speech...never. In fact, I don't know anyone who does. The times I do hear the "y" word are when someone intentionally uses it for comedic purposes( and, these incidents usually involve Steelers games & beer or +Chris Benson at ); and, on the occasions when I go into Crafton Beer Express and the guy that works the counter will say," How yinz dah'in?"  I'm Stump ed.

     Maybe the shade shouldn't be directed at us at all, but rather towards Pete himself. Maybe the better question for him from us next time should be, " Where the heck are you hanging out in Pittsburgh & with whom?"