Friday, March 21, 2014

Barbie does The Urban Tap


     It's been a rough couple months for +Mattel Barbie. Her appearance in +Sports Illustrated +Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue got blasted. Then the +Girl Scouts ILM 3681 had groups petitioning them to end their partnership with her.  In fact, The Western Pa. chapter said they will not promote any affiliation with her! Also, a new study was released claiming that girls who play more with Mrs. Potato Head than with Barbie have more career aspirations. To make matters worse, Barbie had to deal with questions surrounding the campaign promoting +Lammily, with her realistic proportions, as the new "it" doll. Gosh, how much can one fabulous gal take before she breaks!

    Oh, yeah, there is one more thing.....Barbie just had her 55th birthday.  Yikes, she's older than my mom! So, can anyone really blame Barbie for just wanting to cut loose for a night and let
her synthetic fiber hair down?

    I had to do, I grabbed Barbie & a few of the most fabulous forty-somethings I know and headed down to the South Side.  I took them to one of my fav bars, The Urban Tap. Although the place was packed, the handsome bartender was attentive as well as efficient with our drink orders while we waited for a table. Since it was a Friday night during Lent, us good Catholic girls just ordered the Grilled Romaine Salads(nicely grilled n warm) and the Short Rib Nachos sans short ribs( having had them before with the meat, I liked them better without!)

       I guess we were all having so much fun at The Urban Tap that none of us noticed how much Barbie was actually drinking because, well, let's just say that Ken was not too happy with her the next day. Even though we all enjoyed our night out with Barbie, maybe the petitioners have a point and she's not the best role model for the Girl Scouts......... But I don't really give a hoot, I was never a Girl Scout ; )
Waiting for our table with a round of Coors Lights.

Long Island Barbie

Hey! Where did Barbie get the cute St. Patty Hat?
She's so full of surprises!
Doll's gone wild!

One of many dudes trying to hit on Barbie.

The Pens really do hang out at The Urban Tap!

The Urban Tap is smoke-free and so am I...

When we told her she would have to go outside, she threw a mini fit
and headed out and up Carson St to Dee's.

On her way, Barbie stopped to hang with the hippest cat on Carson, Price Bennett, beating the beat
on the SoSide Friday & Saturday nites. He's a real deal drummer.
Check him out on  Facebook.


Barbie is so funny when tipsy...she asked the SoSide
Flame thrower for a light!!

    To the two living dolls who were our servers that night, thanks for playing along!  You're the best!
The Urban Tap on Urbanspoon  

The Urban Tap is located at 1209 East Carson St.

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