Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Springsteen album jacket tribute: Born to Run

    I felt like I was on +Match.com, but searching online for something more important than a man....... the perfect leather jacket with fringe (because us gals know that a great jacket will stay with us forever.) I ordered, tried on & returned 5 different fringed, leather jackets, but none of them were just right for me. They were all brand new jackets with the 'right' labels. Their pictures were attractive & their descriptions seemed ideal. Unfortunately, in person, they didn't measure up....they seemed fake to me. I was looking for authentic...... one that was part of the culture when fringe was in, not something 'costumey'. I also wanted one that was compatible with my style.
     So, I went to my old stand by, +eBay , and it was love at first 'site'. I clicked on the "Buy It Now" option for $149 and couldn't wait to meet in person.  This vintage jacket did not disappoint. It was perfectly worn in and the flaws added so much personality.  Yes, it's old but it's everything I was looking for...in an everlasting fit.....

              "  'cause tramps like us, baby, we were born to run...  "



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