Friday, February 14, 2014

minor muse

     If I could go all "Freaky Friday" with someone, it would definitely be my 8 year old cuzzy, Shannon. This chicklet already has her own fashion point of view that I would describe as fun, quirky & unpredictable. Her unique wardrobe is built mostly (& wisely) courtesy of Pittsburgh area thrift stores and she is (justifiably) proud of this. A tulle maxi skirt, black combat boots paired with a Wonder Woman baby doll tee with attached little red cape?  Magical.....ain't no other 2nd grader gonna touch that moment!
     I'm going to challenge myself to let my inner 8 year old come out to play and try to capture some of her spirit in thrift store outfits of my own in a blog series that I will call Shan-inspirations.
     So, I "popped some tags" at my local Goodwill Thrift store at 2700 E. Carson St., South Side & 5993 Penn Circle, Pgh. and found 2 versions of Shannon's birthday party outfit.

     For the first look, I found a French Connection cupcake sweater, a Forever 21 tulle skirt & a chunky, pink necklace and paired them with my own pale pink socks & Jeffrey Campbell booties= $12.50


     The second look is a 'Scrapbook Originals' (?) tunic, necklace, chunky watch & 3 beaded bracelets for $10( with my own tights, tall socks & Jeffrey Campbell boots).                        

$22.50 spent for 2 looks...not bad at all!
Until next time....peace & love, peace & love!