Monday, February 3, 2014

Market District hunger games


     Almost a century ago several families joined forces to start a small chain of grocery stores. Surviving wars and the Great Depression, Giant Eagle grew stronger and now controls the supermarket territory of Western Pa.  In 2009 they established the largest of their stores atop Settler's Ridge, Robinson Twp. known as The Market District. Inside these brick walls, my favorite food arena can be found: The Market District Café.

      I would describe The Market District Café as a tribute to the 'mall food court' but so much better and cleaner. This culinary coliseum is where I go to attack my afternoon weekend hunger pains. So, if you are hunting for a place to get some fresh and fast food with a variety of options, this is the place to do it. There is seating available if you want to participate in some awesome people watching. On weekends, sponsors can be found handing out little gifts of delicious samples. Hey, why not join forces with your friends and meet up for a draft beer at their bar!

The bar has TV's!!
Grab a 6 pack to go!!




The deli now serves breakfast all day on weekends!
 My fav's are the cold bar and the veggies from the hot bar ( I would recommend skipping the other offerings from the hot bar and getting something made to order instead.) There is also a burger and fries grill, a bbq and fixin's joint, panini's; fresh made deli sammies, pizzas, plus, the bakery is nearby if you need a sweet treat. Try the Cookie Crush Gourmet Cookies by +DeLallo Foods. They are in a serve yourself kiosk...a booby trap for the diet conscious like me, but it's a weakness I must occasionally indulge.  Oh, and did I forget to mention a Starbucks?   Free WiFi, too ) *Fish Sandwich Station during Lent!
      My other favorite lunch item is the sushi. Here's my survival tip for the sushi bar:  Although their sign says "special orders available", the sushi guys do not like to be bothered. Their station is very popular and they are always working to restock their items. If you need that something special, like I always do, just ask.....but be prepared......they will ignore you at first. Then they will stare at you..... for an awkward moment....... and even though they are holding a very big knife.....don't surrender and walk away. They will take your request and tell you to come back in 15 minutes. It is worth it!!

The Market District Cafe, Robinson, 100 Settlers Ridge Center Dr, Pgh, 15205
    Hours:  M-F (10am-8pm)      S&S (8am-8pm)

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*3/20/2015 update: apparently the pasta & crepes did not survive these hunger games

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  Giant Eagle Market District Restaurant on Urbanspoon