Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Springsteen album jacket tribute: Born to Run

    I felt like I was on +Match.com, but searching online for something more important than a man....... the perfect leather jacket with fringe (because us gals know that a great jacket will stay with us forever.) I ordered, tried on & returned 5 different fringed, leather jackets, but none of them were just right for me. They were all brand new jackets with the 'right' labels. Their pictures were attractive & their descriptions seemed ideal. Unfortunately, in person, they didn't measure up....they seemed fake to me. I was looking for authentic...... one that was part of the culture when fringe was in, not something 'costumey'. I also wanted one that was compatible with my style.
     So, I went to my old stand by, +eBay , and it was love at first 'site'. I clicked on the "Buy It Now" option for $149 and couldn't wait to meet in person.  This vintage jacket did not disappoint. It was perfectly worn in and the flaws added so much personality.  Yes, it's old but it's everything I was looking for...in an everlasting fit.....

              "  'cause tramps like us, baby, we were born to run...  "



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Thursday, February 20, 2014

mani-curious: confessions of a phalangerer

 Over the holidays, Mother Dear & I went through a box of old pictures and papers from my Catholic grade school. That's where I came across The Pamphlet .....the one that had been handed out to all of the girls in my 5th grade class. It was faded & missing some pages. I glanced through it and then wondered to myself, " Is there something wrong with me?" Which caused me to......as old habits tend to do .....confess that....I'm 21 and I've never had a manicure. (Well, not at that time, so keep reading.)

     From The Pamphlet:
               Getting a manicure is a natural part of being a woman.  A girl's first manicure signals she is growing up. The average age is 12, but every girl has her own schedule. Having a manicure is a sign of normal growth and development into a woman.

    During a recent shopping trip to the mall with Mother Dearest, I decided to tell her. It was very  embarrassing to admit to her but she assured me that it was okay. I was curious as to why females seemed to love getting their manicures. So, at that moment, it was decided that I should have my first manicure right there in The Mall at Robinson.

     From The Pamphlet:
                It's normal to be a little nervous about your first manicure. Especially when manicures are new to a girl, it can be tough to know what's normal and what's not.

     We found Avalon Lifestyles Nails & Spa located on the lower level of the mall near Macy's. I took one look and I knew I didn't want one....ever. The providers of service were all wearing masks.... like they were committing a crime.  MD wrote my name on the waiting list and told me not to worry as she headed off to +Starbucks Coffee for an iced green tea. 

     5 minutes later, instead of calling my name, I guess at the mall, a masked man approaches you and then acts very angry when you don't understand his muffled commands. I tried to explain that this was my first time but he just ignored me and pointed to where I should go. Most of my experience was a blur..... probably from all of the fumes ( Is that why they don't give their victims clients a mask?) I could tell he was getting increasingly irritated with me because I didn't know the routine & I couldn't understand him......not my fault, guy, your English sucks & you are wearing a mask....oh, and did I mention that this is my first time?  You're a Meanie-curist!!

     Anywhoo, I heard something about $15. I handed him the money and he disappeared into the back room.....leaving me sitting there.....for awhile.  No thank you, no instructions, no nothing* ( definitely no tip ). I eventually got up & scooted out of there as fast I could. I took refuge in Macy's and looked at my hands. They looked worse than they ever have....ever....I swear to you.  My nails were uneven and my cuticles were red & swollen. (Within a week, the polish was peeling off.)  When I got home, The Pamphlet went back in the box.
     Could it have been his first time, too?  Did he really even work there? Regardless, he should not be allowed near hands & feet or open flames. Unfortunately, due to the mask, I will not be able to ID him.

  I take pride in how I look & I take good care of myself, including my digits. I have on occasion bit or picked a 'scratchy' nail. I keep my nails short & I don't wear tips or color
polish. I like to keep it straight-up simple.

    The manicure lifestyle is just not for me. (at least not at Avalon Lifestyles Nails & Spa)


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Monday, February 17, 2014

Fallon: The Boss of late night

 A note to the new host of the Tonight Show:

     Dear Jimmy Fallon,

                   Tonight, tonight the show's just right
                   your gonna blow it up in your first heat
                   Leno's gone and the time is right
                   for you to fill that seat.

                                   Good Luck,

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Friday, February 14, 2014

minor muse

     If I could go all "Freaky Friday" with someone, it would definitely be my 8 year old cuzzy, Shannon. This chicklet already has her own fashion point of view that I would describe as fun, quirky & unpredictable. Her unique wardrobe is built mostly (& wisely) courtesy of Pittsburgh area thrift stores and she is (justifiably) proud of this. A tulle maxi skirt, black combat boots paired with a Wonder Woman baby doll tee with attached little red cape?  Magical.....ain't no other 2nd grader gonna touch that moment!
     I'm going to challenge myself to let my inner 8 year old come out to play and try to capture some of her spirit in thrift store outfits of my own in a blog series that I will call Shan-inspirations.
     So, I "popped some tags" at my local Goodwill Thrift store at 2700 E. Carson St., South Side & 5993 Penn Circle, Pgh. and found 2 versions of Shannon's birthday party outfit.

     For the first look, I found a French Connection cupcake sweater, a Forever 21 tulle skirt & a chunky, pink necklace and paired them with my own pale pink socks & Jeffrey Campbell booties= $12.50


     The second look is a 'Scrapbook Originals' (?) tunic, necklace, chunky watch & 3 beaded bracelets for $10( with my own tights, tall socks & Jeffrey Campbell boots).                        

$22.50 spent for 2 looks...not bad at all!
Until next time....peace & love, peace & love!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Springsteen album jacket cover tribute: Darkness on the Edge of Town

     Forget Phil & his 6 more weeks of winter.  Freezing cold temps & snow? I don't care because spring arrived today for me in the form of the announcement that Bruce Springsteen will perform in Pittsburgh on April 22, 2014 at Consol Energy Center!!

     As a tribute to this news & the Boss, I am posting one of my Springsteen album "jacket" cover inspirations.

          I am wearing one of my favorite leather jackets that I found at the world's biggest thrift store, +eBay for $98: an authentic Harley Davidson leather jacket, size women's small. I have no idea how old this jacket is but I feel that it holds some amazing stories inside it's supple, worn in, black leather. I love wearing it with a delicate, flirty dress & it's actually as warm as my winter coat!

     Bruce Springsteen concert tickets for the 'burgh go on sale Friday, February 14, 2014 at 10am at Ticketmaster. Happy Valentine's Day to me!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Oh So tweet COjones

      As I was researching tips for a lazy blogger, I found that one of the most popular gimmicks is the interview format. Oh, I get it. Someone else writes your blog. Cool.

     BIG COjones is a blog written by my long time friend and Pittsburgh gal (temporarily displaced in NYC),  +Stephanie Jones . She always has a hilarious yet very skewed view on a wide range of topics ( www.thingsjonesthinks.blogspot.com ). And She's a brainy beauty, like myself! (Also, a social misfit, like myself!) I recommend first reading her 8/8/2013 "to blog or shut the f*ck up" post to get to know her a bit and see why I love her so much. If you read it & grin, you get 'it' .....if you read it & are confused or scared,(or message psych referrals to me) then you probably should find other blogs.
   Ok...so, you stuck around....good..... I played a little "tweet" association game with Steph....I gave her the #'s and she gave me 140 characters or less from her sweet, twisted mind.
    So,tweet away, Steph!!


COjones @faubulous
My dad says I'll die alone.

COjones @faubulous
I'm not a bitch. I just have seasonal affective disorder.

COjones @faubulous
fairy princess teenage boy hybrid #fAubulousinpittsburgh
COjones @faubulous
We hit on 19 year olds because we thought they knew the
+Pittsburgh Penguins #Steph&Aubflashback

COjones @faubulous
I didn't instagram my dinner because it wasn't photogenic;
I didn't do it because I'm not a douche. #instagram

COjones @faubulous
Diesel Club Lounge: where dignity goes to die #burghnitelife

COjones @faubulous
How will he manipulate his name if the +Pittsburgh Steelers 
go to the Super Bowl? #MayorPeduto

COjones @faubulous
I would do unspeakable things for a date with +JamesNeal18.com 

COjones @faubulous
When your ass cheeks aren't showing, no one buys you drinks

COjones @faubulous
Bottomless mimosas & bad decisions. Sunday funday courtesy
of UrbanTap #brunchinburgh

COjones @faubulous
Seeing Rhianna, Dane Cook & Katie Holmes on the street is
less exciting than eating in same restaurant as Steidl & Steinburg.

COjones @faubulous
friends don't let drunk friends order food #skinnygaltip

COjones @faubulous
If you need me I'll be spouting verbal insults from the corner.

COjones @faubulous
From the mind that brought you communicorns and.....
yep that's it #lastword



Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I like the Bus & edamame

     Jerome Bettis did not make the final 5 of the class of 2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame. As I am apathetic to most things Steelers, it might  seem strange that this makes me a bit sad. It would have been insincere if I had posted a bunch of stats, along with some of the talking heads' reasons that The Bus should have made it in. I don't care about that sort of thing. But I do have a fondness for Jerome Bettis. Here are 5 reasons that he is the only Steeler in my  +Pro Football Hall of Fame  :

1.  He played football for & graduated from  +Notre Dame Athletics. My Pap and Brother are like the Ruetigger  family; they live and die by Irish football more than most ND graduates do.

"This is the most beautiful sight these eyes have ever seen!"
2.  He was at +DICK'S Sporting Goods a couple years ago for an event and, as my friend & I walked by, she shouted, " Hey, it's the Bus!"  He looked over at us, smiled and waved.

3.  My Grandma J is a retired bus driver. She drove the big bus ( not the little van kind) for 15 years and is darn proud of it!

4.  He stayed true to his name and never became Jerry Bettis.

5.  Lastly, but my #1 reason, he brought +Jerome Bettis Grille 36  to the North Shore, which is conveniently located  to my place of employment and they have EDAMAME as an appetizer!!

Bonus* The World Champion Nachos...add the guac for a buc!

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*Blog update, 1/31/2015, Mr.Bettis was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Wheels on the Bus go "toot, toot, toot" all the way to Canton.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Market District hunger games


     Almost a century ago several families joined forces to start a small chain of grocery stores. Surviving wars and the Great Depression, Giant Eagle grew stronger and now controls the supermarket territory of Western Pa.  In 2009 they established the largest of their stores atop Settler's Ridge, Robinson Twp. known as The Market District. Inside these brick walls, my favorite food arena can be found: The Market District Café.

      I would describe The Market District Café as a tribute to the 'mall food court' but so much better and cleaner. This culinary coliseum is where I go to attack my afternoon weekend hunger pains. So, if you are hunting for a place to get some fresh and fast food with a variety of options, this is the place to do it. There is seating available if you want to participate in some awesome people watching. On weekends, sponsors can be found handing out little gifts of delicious samples. Hey, why not join forces with your friends and meet up for a draft beer at their bar!

The bar has TV's!!
Grab a 6 pack to go!!




The deli now serves breakfast all day on weekends!
 My fav's are the cold bar and the veggies from the hot bar ( I would recommend skipping the other offerings from the hot bar and getting something made to order instead.) There is also a burger and fries grill, a bbq and fixin's joint, panini's; fresh made deli sammies, pizzas, plus, the bakery is nearby if you need a sweet treat. Try the Cookie Crush Gourmet Cookies by +DeLallo Foods. They are in a serve yourself kiosk...a booby trap for the diet conscious like me, but it's a weakness I must occasionally indulge.  Oh, and did I forget to mention a Starbucks? www.starbucks.com   Free WiFi, too ) *Fish Sandwich Station during Lent!
      My other favorite lunch item is the sushi. Here's my survival tip for the sushi bar:  Although their sign says "special orders available", the sushi guys do not like to be bothered. Their station is very popular and they are always working to restock their items. If you need that something special, like I always do, just ask.....but be prepared......they will ignore you at first. Then they will stare at you..... for an awkward moment....... and even though they are holding a very big knife.....don't surrender and walk away. They will take your request and tell you to come back in 15 minutes. It is worth it!!

The Market District Cafe, Robinson, 100 Settlers Ridge Center Dr, Pgh, 15205
    Hours:  M-F (10am-8pm)      S&S (8am-8pm)

Giant Eagle Market District Restaurant on Urbanspoon

*3/20/2015 update: apparently the pasta & crepes did not survive these hunger games

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