Wednesday, January 1, 2014

why are they Robbin' Thick fried zucchini from me?

     I quivered with excitement as I held the thick shaft in my hands...slowly bringing it up to my was warm and firm...with girth I'd never experienced before. Eyes closed and mouth open...I gently inserted it...wrapped my lips delicately around it...then bit down as hard as I could. Ohhh yeahhh...It was the most delicious fried zucchini I had ever swallowed tasted!    
     Like the +Discovery TV 's Hoffman Crew finding out that their glory hole contains gold, I couldn't control my euphoria when discovering my form of edible gold at +RedRobinBurgers (

This pic is not enhanced...they are huge!
     Having finished off a large one....serving, I mulled over the fact that I had never come across zucc hung like this in Pittsburgh.  So, why are restaurants robbin' thicke fried zucchini from me? I don't get around to every fried zucc-serving establishment in the tri-state area, but I have seen my share of them and they are almost always skinny, slivers that go limp in my hand and don't satisfy me.
    After a quickie... +Google search, I have learned that, apparently, this is something Pittsburgh is famous for and even boasts about. In fact, F. Tambellini Ristorante, 7th Ave, Downtown, claimed to have invented this 'burgh style zucc, described as thin, crispy strips. I could not find any info to corroborate this claim. Unfortunately, the restaurant closed its door Feb 2013. I'm inclined to believe that there were gals in Pittsburgh doing Italian zucc's long before he was....although, their restaurant's website IS/was  (which was the original idea for the name of my,  f Tambellini's ).
     The Main Hotel in Carnegie was also rumored to have conceived the 'burgh style zucc. But, alas, it has been torn down and replaced with a CVS. This "old family recipe from the Main Hotel", however, lives on at Downey's House, Robinson Twp, as per their menu ( They also brag that they have an extremely large deck; so, gals, it might be worth checking out.

               Pittsburgh Style Zucchini
               talk about getting blasted
         For me, there are no blurred lines 

Red Robin Thicke fried zucchini appetizer is the best!

  I know you'll you want it
      I know I want it
                                hey, hey, hey
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      * I found this great recipe for a lo fat/lo cal 'fried'(baked) zucchini. I made them thick and I subbed out the bread crumbs & parm with seasoned onion ring mix(has 0 fat cals) to make them more like RR's which have a beer-batter type coating. In addition to the marinara for dipping, I mixed 1 part Dijon mustard with 1 part fat free sour cream for another skinny dip.
* recipe from Eat Yourself Skinny

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