Thursday, January 9, 2014

my dog made the Pirate's logo

     I was walking the family dog in the frigid cold the other day and he stopped to try & relieve himself. I turned my head away to give him some privacy due to his shy bladder. When he finished, I turned back around and chuckled to myself.......His pee had formed what looked like a big letter 'P' in the fresh, white snow! Silly doggy!
     So, you can imagine my surprise when I heard on +WPXI News that the +Pittsburgh Pirates had disposed of their Dependsable Jolly Roger as their main logo and are Poised to change it to a big, yellow 'P'!
     Put the phone down, Pirate Crisis Manager. Take it easy. I know what your going to say. "That's gold, Jerry! Gold!" what they are all shades of? Yeah, that's right. YELLOW!
    I am no marketing marketing anything.... but, really?  I'm supposed to believe that the entire Pirate organization agreed that they would all be best represented....not by a menacing symbol meant to strike fear in foes like The Jolly Roger.......but by the yellow 'P'.
   I don't believe this was an accident. I think there was one guy at the +Pittsburgh Pirates office who, when he was a kid, got a high-flyer wedgie from some jocks at school which exposed his yellow-stained briefs to the entire school from a flagpole.
   With one symbolic act, this guy drained his years of repressed shame and humiliation..... Revenge in the form of the yellow 'P'......that will now stain every Pittsburgh Pirate player uniform and will rain golden over MLB's most beautiful ballpark.

gold is the new yellow

Is the Parrot still number one?

and I say this with Peace & love, Peace & love