Monday, January 6, 2014

Mayor Peduto: vested in our city

     Today, our great city of Pittsburgh will undergo a sorely needed 'Extreme Makeover.' As a South Sider that also works in the 'burgh, I couldn't be happier about it. Billy the Kid will officially take away the title of Mayor of Pittsburgh from the Baby. A big celebration will follow...... which I was not invited to. ( I will not comment on the $'s spent to partay! but, I'm sure I somehow bought a few botts of Dom for his guests.)

    The reason I'm so excited about this changing of the guard can be summed up in two words........Puffer Vest......yup....... Puffer Vest. City Hall is redding out their closet and exchanging the slick suits and a cloak of invisibility for the puffer vest. I thinks it's a very stylish and smart statement by Mayor Peduto.

Puffy in a puffer
   Although it tends to get a bad rap, I love a good puffer vest. It's unassuming yet requires a cool, confidence to wear; and, Mayor Peduto can definitely rock one. Some men are confused about how to wear this ironic garment....."if it's so cold out that I need a bulky & down-filled coat, why would I put on one without sleeves?", "How do I not end up looking like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?"  Well, look no further than Mayor Peduto for the answers. Layer a plaid, casual, button-down shirt and sweater that both coordinate and contrast with the color of the vest....... Add a pair of nicely worn-in, relaxed fit jeans and, guys, you are set to hold office in this look.

   Wearing the shiny, puffer vest around town & being photographed in it, Mayor Peduto reflects an image, like described in the above 'how-to-style'........ of casual & relaxed. Going out in public requires a candidate/mayor to shake a lot of hands, pat a lot of backs, hold babies, etc. The range of motion for the arms is so much greater in a sleeveless this chic choice shows me the man can make a practical decision. Roll his sleeves up & get to work?  Whether he's indoors or outdoors, he doesn't even have to take off his puffer to do this. I interpret this as the man is always ready to work & he doesn't like to waste time.

   But what the puffer vest symbolizes most to me hope for Pittsburgh's, that by not covering up his arms & by letting us see what he's layering underneath, Mayor Peduto will be open & honest with us.

   So, go ahead, Bill, and puff out your chest..... you F-ing run this town!


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