Friday, January 3, 2014

main man, Mr. Sports & a new year's kiss

      A mere 30 bucks could have bought me 'bliss' at Diesel Lounge, South Side " I'm gonna let ya' in on a little secret, Ray." Diesel sucks!
      $120 could have turned me into a VIP at Villa "Know why there's a party for you, Ray?"  Because you just gave half of your paycheck to stand around in their club.
     A Dildo( Dude i, like, dated once) promised First Night revelry & fireworks. "I don't think so. No.  Definitely not."
    Hey, New Years Eve options... kiss my perfect, lil be-hind. Uh oh. Why? Because I went to my parent's house instead. "Disappointed? Why should I be disappointed?"
    Sure, I would like to don a "very sparkly, yeah, definitely very sparkly" dress, go to a place where "there's a lot of lights. very sparkly. very twinkly,"  "definitely have to dance on my date. Have to learn how to dance. Definitely" and end it with a New Year's kiss....but right now I don't have a 'main man' to do that with.
    So, instead, I spent New Years Eve with my dear parents, lil bros & cuz, Auntly, & Unclee . Definitely not disappointing... because we had our favorite 'main man',  B-A-T-C-H,  Mr. Sports in the house!!
    While y'all in Pittsburgh might not be familiar with this name, Mr. Sports is quite the celeb in the greater Youngstown area(luv me an oxymoron). Long time radio & sports personality, concert & event host, he currently can be heard on Y-103, bam!  The future of rock n' roll. Y-103, bam!     

circa 1997
    That's not Y we love him, though. It's because he's been a long time friend & honorary member of our family. And I could go on and on about Mr. Sports; how lmao funny he is, how he made our NYE party a blast and how "he, uh, remembers things, little things sometimes" (like The Babys' trivia n' tiny Greek ninja junk). But I won't.
   Although he's been divorced twice & has endured his share of crazy dates (or dating crazies), he remains a romantic optimist & hopeless romantic. After reconnecting with a lady he knew
ear kiss 'circa' Jan. 1, 2014
 30 years ago, he recently became engaged to soon-to-be Mrs. Sports and seems happy as ever.

   'Course it's ten minutes to WWHL +Andy Cohen ... so, I gotta wrap this up. I want to thank Mr. Sports for reminding me to be open & positive about finding my 'main man'.

*and thank you "Rain Man", 'circa ' 1988

I'll take this kiss on New Years 'circa' any your butt!!

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