Monday, January 13, 2014

Aubviously, it's a joke between Tomlin & me

    At the end of every episode of Watch What Happens Live +
Bravo , +Andy Cohen announces a Jackhole (meaning a**hole) and a Mazel (meaning winner) of the night. If you are sick (meaning crazy cool) like me, you know what I'm talking about. If not, I'm sure you can follow along.

    I am going to hijack this routine from Mr. Cohen's show and give out my own.  Undoubtedly, I'll change his award names, so it doesn't look like I'm blatantly picking his pocket.

    Drum roll.......

     My Sac-hole of the week goes to the +Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (and their 'players' involved with this) for the front page article on Sunday's (01/12/2013) issue, Vol.87, No.165, titled "Tomlin's word of choice". My head is bursting at how pathetic this was on so many levels and I'm clearly not even a Steelers fan!

    Were y'all so drunk from drowning your sorrows in ETOH...... due to the fact that the NFL playoffs were going on this weekend without the Steelers............ that you thought Tomlin's use of the word "obviously" was so newsworthy (or, even worse, amusing) as to paste it on the front page along with the death announcement of Ariel Sharon and summary of his life as, "a monumental figure in Israel's modern history"? Your Tomlin article even states that talk radio hosts, reporters and such had been talking about his choice word use months ago during the football this is plainly Old News, guys. Was it a passive-aggressive attempt to put Coach on blast to Steeler Nation for not getting "us" into the playoffs? Yeah, evidently I noticed the article's own word choices, e.g. "laziness", "rut", "bad sign", "missing something", "cultural marker", "faux coach". Did you really want to boast to the 'real news reporting' world that you "pulled transcripts from every regular-season and post-season Tuesday press conference" since 2010 and  did a "word-frequency analysis" (meaning you counted words)?  It is apparent that this article is so not front page (or any page to me) newsworthy. And you self-proclaim daily to be "One of America's Great Newspapers"? Shame on you. You get a big, fat F for this one.

      Maybe you, +Pittsburgh Post-Gazette , would like someone to go back & count all of your
daily spelling & grammar errors and factual "corrections" for the last 3 years and put that to print.......(and you undeniably have an entire staff that gets paid to proof read and prevent that stuff!!)     Pgh just got read!

     Now, for my Game Ball-zel of the week.....drum roll.....

     It goes to Coach Tomlin for not commenting, not even one word, for this lame article. 

     Next season at your press conferences, Coach, let's make it our own little inside joke that, when the word-obsessed crowd thinks they are hearing you say "obviously", and they snicker with each other and they idiotically keep tally of it............................

You & I will know what you are really saying..............your new word of choice,

     "Aub-viously" (meaning f*** you, sac-holes!).

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