Sunday, December 29, 2013

UGH!! If not UGGS then what?

     When I was a junior in high school, Mother Dear bought me my first pair of +Ugg Boots  Classic Tall in chestnut.  I was over the moon as I tucked my Big Star jeans into them and wore them for the first time to a boys basketball game.  At that time, one only wore real UGGs and they were a fashion statement. Any girl caught wearing faux UGGs might as well transfer to another school.
     Fast forward 6 years, and from September through April, all I see are +Ugg Boots ...Yes, a sea of UGGs and UGG impostors.  Anywhere and everywhere I go, on everyone of every age, all sizes and every color...some with buttons, some with toggles...fringe, even bedazzled ones...Ugh...even my little brothers have them!  It has become so cringe-worthy to me that I no longer wear mine....well, that's not entirely true.  There are just some tasks that I have become too UGG-customed to wearing them;
     Putting them on over my pajama pants to walk to +Starbucks Coffee .
     Putting them on and cramming my dress shoes into my tote to walk to my car or a bar when it's  cold outside.
     Putting them on anytime of the year to take the trash can from the alley to the curb.
UGG,UGG, not an UGG

     I must admit that the ease of slipping them on and how warm & cozy feet feel in them make +Ugg Boots , not just irreplaceable, but practical. If not UGGs, then what?  Aren't my options still going to be boots that are UGGish or just plain UGGly??  If I'm going to wear a slip-on, lined, suede boot, it might as well be an UGG; because, an UGG by any other name would really not be as sweet.
    Thoughts on  +Crocs ?  +Crocs has a line of lined boots and fuzzy clogs. Their winter clogs have names like the Mammoth EVO, the Blitzen Convertible and the Cobbler Studded Clog.( I really had a hard time typing that due to laughing.)  As for their slip-on, lined boots?

No, no, no and no... these are NOT an option for me or any fashion conscious gal.  I hope to never see a sea of winter +Crocs . It's horrifying enough when they are swimming around me during warm weather.

     Oh, UGG!  I wish I knew how to quit you.

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