Sunday, December 29, 2013

me, myself and lies: an intro to my blog

 fab~u~lous (fAub' ye les), adj 1. almost impossible to believe: incredible.2. exceptionally good or unusual: marvelous: superb. 3. known only through fables or myths: purely imaginary.

     The above word mash-up, or portmanteau, if you will, was created for me by Mother Dear a few years ago and appears at the bottom of her sketch of me that is my blog's background cover; so, that is how the name of my blog came about. I was born, raised(by Mother & Daddy Dear along with 3 bros) & schooled(+Carnegie Mellon University) in Pittsburgh.

    This is my "blogography" or a documentation of my life through random stories of my thoughts, opinions, and experiences....... I hope you come along for the ride, although, I'm not sure exactly where we will go.

     I promise not to make this blog a platform to trumpet how wonderful I am to anyone who will listen(read, that is)...I did that already in the name of my blog. I promise not to use any more word mash-ups unless they are aubsolutley necessary to the storyline nudity in movies. I promise to be fairly truthful, post only relevant selfies( oxymoron!), never delete a comment and to always follow anyone who follows my blog. Also, I promise to keep my tongue planted firmly in cheek as I write.

    Thanks in advance for reading & following!

*my fingers may have been crossed as I wrote this  ;)

+Bravo +Pittsburgh City Paper