Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mo' below Deck: a movie

If you are like me, you want mo' Below Deck,........
you need mo' Below Deck.
Well, batten down the hatches and call me Ishmael!! 
 because on 11/24/2015 +Bravo TV will premiere "In the Heart of the Sea"  at 9pm EST!!
     This thrilling drama is based on the +New York Times Best Sellers  of the same name which recounts the incredible true story of the 2015 voyage of the luxury yacht, Eros. The crew & ship are pushed to their limits battling a scorned & enraged mermaid during charter season.



Will Eddie survive this hell of his own making?

Tune in to the +Below Deck reunion to find out!


Wednesday, August 12, 2015


          If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, perhaps +Bravo +RHONY (Bravo) Countess Luann de Lessups has a lot to feel fabulous about.

May 2010
          Above is a picture of The Countess from her music video when she came out as a singer with her first single
"Money Can't Buy You Class."
                                                July 2015

                 This is a picture of +I Am Cait Jenner when she came out as "Her" in Vanity Fair.
  I feel this begs the question:
Is Cait's fashion muse The Countess?
Is Ms. Jenner just a really big  RHONY fan?      

2010                                                  2015